Nursing Programs in Tifton, GA

Nursing Programs in Tifton, GA. In an economy where most jobs and industries are downsizing, the nursing industry is in great need of qualified nurses. Not only are there many job opportunities for nurses, but there are also several different types of nurses. The main types of nurses are RN (Registered Nurse), PN (Practical Nursing), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), and even a nursing assistant, known as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Accordingly for each type of nurse, there is a separate program for that particular nursing field.

Nursing schools in Tifton, GA to become a RN will involve learning about diagnosing patient illnesses/injuries, medical terminology, medical equipment, laboratory etiquette and usually provided an internship in the second half of schooling. The RN nursing program is, by far, the most popular type of nursing degree pursued.

Practical Nursing programs encompass many aspects of the nursing field. In a sense, PN nurses are the utility players of nurses. They will learn about mental health, physical health, family genetics, family health, medical terminology, lab equipment and usually practical experience in a hospital, ambulance, or other medical facility.

LPN courses teach students the very basics of what RN class covers, without getting as involved or providing internships, usually.

CNA nursing programs teaches students how to perform basic medical tasks, sterilization safety, medical terminology and personal hygiene. Students will also receive hands-on experience in an actual medical setting, usually with the most menial of tasks. This is not to downplay the student, but rather to ensure that, should something go wrong, it’s not on an important task.

There are literally thousands of institutions available in America to receive an education in nursing. For individuals who currently have a job, there may not be very much time in their schedule to attend nursing programs in Tifton, GA. Fortunately there are dozens of legitimate online institutions where a person can receive a degree in nursing. The choice remains up to you, as a student. Obviously in-person courses are considered better, since you can receive hands-on experience, however not everyone has time for that. Do your research and see which nursing schools in Tifton, GA are best for you.


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