CNA Training in Las Vegas, NV

CNA training in Las Vegas, NV. Find classes and schools to become a CNA. The role of any adequate CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is to provide support to doctors, RNs (Registered Nurses), care for patients, operating and maintaining medical equipment and supplies and recording patient information and vital signs. Additionally, one of the main unofficial jobs of a CNA in Las Vegas, NV is to provide support and sympathy for patients, especially ones who are in poor health or have suffered serious injuries. Jobs in doctor’s offices, hospitals and nursing homes are available to Certified Nursing Assistants. You will need CNA training in Las Vegas, NV or in another city.

Depending on what certification/license/degree students seek, they can become a CNA in anywhere from 6 weeks, up to 4 years. Obviously the 6-week course is a certification and the 4-year university is a bachelor’s degree. Classes will cover such subjects as human anatomy, physiology, proper diet/nutrition, infection control/abatement and basic medical skills. Classes will also incorporate hands-on experience with various medical supplies and real patients.

As for the cost of becoming a certified CNA, believe it or not, it’s possible to receive CNA training in Las Vegas, NV for free; that’s right, free! Many hospitals, nursing facilities, and doctor’s offices will provide free CNA training, so long as the individual agrees to enter a contract to work for that company for an agreed upon amount of time.

Prices for a 6 to 12-week certification program, like that found at a vocational school or community college, typically range from $300 to $1,300. The price for a 4-year degree can approach $13,000 but will be well worth it after you are making $44k or more after the first year. Below we have listed some local nursing facilities.


Red Rock Assisted Living  5975 W Twain Ave  Las Vegas  NV  89103-1243

Monthill Care  3870 Monthill Ave  Las Vegas  NV  89121-6232

Sky View Care Home  6195 Dundee Port Ave  Las Vegas  NV  89110-2753

Adaptive Comfort-Wear  5130 E Charleston Blvd # 5  Las Vegas  NV  89142-1003

Quality Nursing  300 E Charleston Blvd  Las Vegas  NV  89104-1011

Golden Home Care  2709 Brady Ave  Las Vegas  NV  89101-1500

Seniorcare  3304 Navajo Way  Las Vegas  NV  89108-1009

Gaye Haven Intermediate Care  1813 Betty Ln  Las Vegas  NV  89156-6728

Emmanuel Health Care Ctr  2035 W Charleston Blvd  Las Vegas  NV  89102-2286

Plaza Regency  6021 W Cheyenne Ave  Las Vegas  NV  89108-4205